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The Best Site For Meeting Teens Who Love Giving Footjobs

Whats a footjob website without a pantyhose section!  Here is a collection of some of the youngest teens giving silky pantyhose footjobs.

Thighjob Therapy

This video has a teen doctor who gives special therapy to people with foot fetishes.  This is a weekly appointment and the doctor checks up on the patients progress to make sure they have had sufficient pantyhose on their dicks.

She uses every part of her legs:

  • anklejob
  • thighjob
  • calfjob
  • reverse footjob

You can skip to 5:00 minutes for the footjob portion.

The patient does quite well and manages not to cum for an entire 9 minutes.  This video is a good mixture of using the entire pantyhose and not just the feet area.

Sasha Foxx

Sasha Foxx is one of the most prolific when it comes to putting out fresh pantyhose videos.  On her pornhub profile you can find 10-20 pantyhose footjob videos alone.  Shes not as young as most teens, but definitely under 20.

This video starts by Sasha taking off her running shoes and revealing her sweaty soles.  She then gets right to work with a solid six minutes of stroking.

2 Pairs of Pantyhose

Sasha and her sister are going through their brothers iPad when they find out he has been watching footjob porn(probably on  Not only that but he has been staring at their feet alot around the house.  They decide to use this knowledge to seduce him into doing their chores for him.

They start jerking him off with their feet and teasing him while they do it.  Saying things like “you like feet? You are so weird.”  This extra humiliation is an added bonus, especially from a pov style.

Black Pantyhose

This video features a young nurse, Allison, giving a footjob at the doctors office to a needy patient.  This is a rough footjob with jet black pantyhose.  The girl has a special kind of fire to her that makes it extra exciting, you can tell she loves using her feet.

Asian Pantyhose Teen

Heres an asian teen with silky black pantyhose giving 12 minutes of stroking.  The footage is very asian and includes a bit of Japanese language here and there, making you feel like you are in Tokyo with a maid all to yourself.  The camera angle does a good job of switching throughout the video to add some variety to the footage (pun intended).