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The Best Site For Meeting Teens Who Love Giving Footjobs

The three most amazing things in the universe: Teens, Feet, and Asians.  Put them all together and its enough to make any sane man cum in record time.  So grab your lube and lets break down some of the hottest scenes in teen footjob porn.

Double Footjob With Japanese Stockings

This video features two adorable young teens: Aya Kisaki and Aoi Double. Double footjobs are especially rare to find in the asian teen genre so this video is a gem.

An awesome thing about Asian teens is how submissive and innocent they can be, which really comes across in this video.  Aside from the footjob the video has some teasing in the beginning which helps to slowly turn up the suspense before breaking into the delicious foot stroking.

Pov Asian Teen Beauty

I’ve always been a big fan of Pov videos, it lets me use my imagination more and feel like im in the moment.  Especially with virtual reality becoming more popular there is going to be more point of view footjob videos being made.

As far as videos with Asian teens there is one that really stands out as exciting from start to finish.  This video stars a cute Chinese-american actress who has a plethora of foot worship content on her pornhub channel.  This video is a very meaty clip from a thirty minute original and shows more than enough to make me happy.  She uses more than just her feet too, elbows, lips, anus – she leaves no hole un-penetrated.

Amateur Asian Delight

In an amateur video its really important that the video captures the stars fresh un-tainted love for feet.  In this video we have a Korean amateur who has made a homemade video with her boyfriend—a rare find for Korean teen footjobs.  She is obviously a pro and does some pretty amazing things with her feet.

Japanese Girl Worshiping Feet

This video is a good warm up video before the main course.  Theres not much more satisfying than licking a teens soft feet and this video articulates it really well.  After about ten minutes of worship the feet are slick and lubed up for a trip to foot heaven.  They start by undressing the man and unzipping his pants until he is nude and then the rest is history.

Bonus: Asian Footjob Tumblrs

One of the best places to find Asian teens with amazing feet is on Tumblr.   There are Chinese and Japanese porn companies that specialize purely in feet, and they have niches in Asian teens.  So if you haven’t already get over to Tumblr (and reddit) and you will find a gold mine of sexy Asians waiting to stroke you from their heels to their toes.  In fact Tumblr is one of my main sources for finding the videos for this tube site.