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Disclaimer: All videos shown contain teens age 18+.

Asian Teen Footjobs

Here we have a collection of all the best asian teen footjob videos that you can find anywhere.  Something about asian culture makes their footjobs extra contagious and addicting.  For example the two teens in one of our videos are so polite and even bow politely before revealing their stanky soles.

Teen Amateurs and Their Sexy Feet

Amateurs are so amazing to watch because their reactions are 100% real.  These girls are not burnt out pornstars, they might have only had sex a few times before filming the videos.  Add to the fact they are a teen and you have an innocent, cute, and real foot job.  You can usually find amateur teen footjob scenes spiced up with other positions like doggy style, cowgirl, or a regular blowjob.  The best is when they finish by stroking with their feet and all that cum oozes between their toes.


These girls are gorgeous ebonies who know how to use their feet.  To be honest ebony teen footjob videos are hard to find, if you know some good sources please drop a link in the comments.  When you do find a good ebony video its enough to be watched for more than a week of nights. The contrast between the gorgeous midnight feet and white cum is definitely hot.

Cute Latina Teens

Latinas generally really know how to use their feet.  They don’t just stop with stroking, they build up by teasing a cock until eventually you are begging for more.   I have collected some of the hottest latina clips that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.  This is the place to be if you want to see those perfectly curved latinas using their feet like amazing footjob sluts.

Blonde Teen Footjobs

On the other end of the specturm we have blonde teen footjobs.  Goddesses of cute and ready to use their feet to take a man straight to heaven.  This type of porn has increased alot over the last 10 years as more people realize how amazing a blonde teen feet are.


Along with our other videos you can find some pantyhose teen footjobs in our special collection.  These feature any of the categories above but include pantyhose in some form.   Why pantyhose? Well if you haven’t experienced it yet they feel amazing.  They also look really sexy, especially when the woman isn’t wearing any panties at all.  Pantyhose can come in many different styles and materials: silk, satin, cotton.

Many guys prefer an expensive pair of silky pantyhose because of how smooth they feel.  Personally I have a fetish for rough cheap pink socks that border line hurt my cock.

If you find yourself enjoying them alot you might also want to try a fishnet footjob.  These look adorable on a teen and have a completely different sensation.

Some of the subcategories of teen footjobs we curate:

  • Asian
  • Amateur
  • Young Teens
  • Ebony
  • Blonde
  • Black
  • Latina
  • Tiny and Petite